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Coral peonies add a special touch to any garden.
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Coral Charm peony Coral Charm

UNAVAILABLE 2023. Coral colored semi-double bowl shaped blooms.

Our Price: $21.00
Coral Fay peony Coral Fay

UNAVAILABLE 2023. Early blooming, semi-double coral hybrid

Our Price: $22.00
Abalone Pearl peony Abalone Pearl

UNAVAILABLE 2023. Early blooming, semi-double hybrid

Our Price: $24.00
Pink Hawaiian Coral peony Pink Hawaiian Coral

UNAVAILABLE 2023. Semi-double coral peony that hold its blooms high on 36" stems. ALM

Our Price: $24.00
Salmon Dream peony Salmon Dream

UNAVAILABLE 2023. Pale salmon-pink semi-double blooms on stout 32" stems. ALM

Our Price: $26.00
Coral N Gold Coral N Gold

UNAVAILABLE 2023. Rose-coral colored single to semi-double blooms. ALM

Our Price: $28.00
Coral Sunset peony Coral Sunset

UNAVAILABLE 2023. Huge, semi-double coral blooms atop sturdy stems up to 36" tall. ALM

Our Price: $29.00
Topeka Coral peony Topeka Coral

Topeka Coral peony will add a unique color to any garden.

Our Price: $32.00
Nosegay peony Nosegay

UNAVAILABLE 2023. A salmon-pink hybrid that flowers very early.

Our Price: $34.00
Coral Supreme peony Coral Supreme

Salmon-pink flowers on 36" stems.

Our Price: $37.00
Etched Salmon peony Etched Salmon peony

Etched Salmon peony, silvery coral-pink held well above the neat medium green foliage on strog 34 to 36 inch stems.

Our Price: $51.00
Momotaro peony Momo Taro/Peach Boy

UNAVAILABLE 2023. Intersectional featuring peach to cream colored single flowers on 30" stems.

Our Price: $52.00
Lollipop, intersectional peony Lollipop

A treat for the eyes, this Intersectional features large, creamy yellow to apricot blooms splashed with variable deep lavender striping.  Flowers range from semi-double to double, and like most Itoh hybrids are shown off on sturdy stems top out at about 34 inches. Another Roger Anderson creation.

Our Price: $57.00