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Herbaceous peony catalog by colors for a great garden display!

When looking for peonies to make your garden more colorful, you might want to consider choosing the herbaceous garden peony flowers. These garden plants come in many shades of color, making your backyard pretty beautiful. If you are in the business of selling flowers, you can really boost your business with these peonies as they are usually in high demand.

Colorful herbaceous peonies are available in five categories: coral peonies, pink peonies, red peonies, white peonies and yellow peonies. Some feature two colors, making them incredibly beautiful. For example, the Butter Bowl, Doreen, Firelight and Seashell peonies have pink petals and yellow stamens. Other peonies like Top Brass, Green Lotus, and Raspberry Sundae peonies are multi-colored!

If you want to buy garden peony flowers, we have a wide selection. We have pink herbaceous garden peonies which include Edulis Superba, Elk Grove and Princess Margaret. If you are looking for red herbaceous flowers, you can go for Scarlet O'Hara, Fairly Princess, Charm, Nippon Beauty or Paul M Wild. If you want to buy peonies with some white color, you can consider Duchess de Nemours, Requiem, Elsa Sass, Miss American or Princess Bride. Buy herbaceous peonies at great prices here at Fina Gardens.
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Duchess de Nemours peony Duchess de Nemours

A fragrant early white double that has remained a popular choice for more than 100 years.

Our Price: $15.00
Requiem peony Requiem

Large single white blooms

Our Price: $15.00
Felix Supreme peony Felix Supreme

This peony features medium to large hot pink, double blooms that open in midseason.

Our Price: $15.00
Bowl of Beauty peony Bowl of Beauty

This showy Japanese form peony flower has large blooms

Our Price: $17.00
Butter Bowl peony Butter Bowl

A single row of soft pink guard petals form the stage for a cheery sunburst of yellow in this Japanese-form peony

Our Price: $17.00
Charm peony Charm

Deep Mahogany red Japanese form flowers are carried erect on stout 32-inch stems. ALM

Our Price: $17.00
Doreen peony Doreen

The medium pink of the guard petals on this Japanese form peony are set off by a yellow tuft of staminoides

Our Price: $17.00
Edulis Superba peony Edulis Superba

Very early, pink double bloom

Our Price: $17.00
Festiva Maxima peony Festiva Maxima

Large, fragrant flowers feature distinctive flecks of crimson.

Our Price: $17.00
Top Brass peony Top Brass

Rounded ivory guard petals surround double center of light pink, canary yellow and ivory

Our Price: $17.00
Barrington Belle peony Barrington Belle

Strong 32-inch stems support a wealth of red Japanese-form flowers.

Our Price: $18.00
Cheddar Royal peony Cheddar Royal

Two or three rows of white petals surround a rich center of deep gold staminoids.

Our Price: $18.00
Paul M Wild peony Paul M Wild

Opulent ruby red double blooms.

Our Price: $18.00
Early Bird peony Early Bird

This very early hybrid features single, dark red flowers atop 18-20-inch, finely cut foliage. ALM

Our Price: $18.00
Early Scout peony Early Scout

This very early hybrid features single, dark red flowers atop 20-inch, sturdy stems. ALM

Our Price: $19.00
Nippon Beauty peony Nippon Beauty

A striking, deep red Japanese form peony.

Our Price: $19.00
Red Charm peony Red Charm

Big, fully-double flowers with glossy, scarlet petals

Our Price: $19.00
White Sands peony White Sands

It's anemone-to-bomb flower form features a mix of yellow to white petals and petaloides at its center.

Our Price: $19.00
Raspberry Rumba peony Raspberry Rumba

The exotic informal look of the blooms on this cultivar lends itself to more modern floral and garden design.

Our Price: $19.00
Raspberry Sundae peony Raspberry Sundae

This unique, elegant double bomb features big mounds of petals suffused in white, cream and yellow, then intermingled with touches of raspberry pink.

Our Price: $19.00
Big Ben peony Big Ben

Fully double red blooms sit atop stems that top out at 4 feet, early-season.

Our Price: $20.00
Carol peony Carol

Enormous red-red blooms show up early in the season on this very vigorous plant.

Our Price: $20.00
Fairy Princess peony Fairy Princess

Its clear red single form blooms open early and float atop emerald green foliage

Our Price: $20.00
Green Lotus peony Green Lotus

Flowers feature a white to light lime green base with white and lime streaking on the petals which are tipped by soft pink accents.

Our Price: $20.00
Jacorma peony Jacorma

This pink double flowered peony really extends the late bloom season.

Our Price: $20.00
Kansas peony Kansas

A big, bold double red with sturdy 34-inch stems.

Our Price: $20.00
Port Royale peony Port Royale

Wonderful wine-colored blooms on study 28-inch stems

Our Price: $20.00
Sword Dance peony Sword Dance

Dramatic bright red petals surround a distinctive center of yellow staminoides. ALM

Our Price: $20.00
Soft Salmon Joy peony Soft Salmon Joy

Among the best pink flowered singles, this peony is a vigorous grower.

Our Price: $20.00
The Fawn peony The Fawn

A rare beauty of delicate looking petals.

Our Price: $20.00