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Callies Memory Morning Lilac intersectional peony Lafayette Escadrille
Callies Memory
Our Price: $40.00
Pastel Splendor
Our Price: $46.00
Lafayette Escadrille
Our Price: $46.00
Beautiful semi-double Itoh peony blooms creamy apricot with scarlet flames towards the center create a stunning display in mid to late spring. Large 6-8" flowers held on strong 28" stems that do not require staking. Semi-double intersection features pale lavender on the edges of the petals, fading to cream toward the center with dark purple flares at the base. Small single black red flowers adorn deep green foliage. Vigorous grower reaches 30 inches in height.
First Arrival intersectional peony Hillary intersectional peony Lollipop, intersectional peony
First Arrival
Our Price: $47.00
Our Price: $55.00
Our Price: $57.00
Medium pink 6- to 8-inch blooms that are set off nicely by clean, dark green foliage A strong-growing intersectional reaching about 30 inches in height. ALM

A treat for the eyes, this Intersectional features large, creamy yellow to apricot blooms splashed with variable deep lavender striping.  Flowers range from semi-double to double, and like most Itoh hybrids are shown off on sturdy stems top out at about 34 inches. Another Roger Anderson creation.

Sonoma Amethyst intersectional kalidescope peony Kopper Kettle intersectional peony
Sonoma Amethyst
Our Price: $62.00
Our Price: $65.00
Kopper Kettle
Our Price: $89.00
Sonoma Amethyst intersectional, lavender semi-double blooms. A kalidescope of colors adorn this intersectional peony

Very unusual and striking semi-double to double intersectional.

Sonoma Halo, a yellow Itoh Peony
Sonoma Halo
Our Price: $152.00
Full double yellow intersectional peony. Petals fade to creamy white along outer edges at maturity. Petals have pink flares but cannot be seen easily due to the fullness of the flower. No Stamen, no fertility noted. Grow to 28 inches on strong stems.